How To Find Skinny Jeans For Petite Women

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How to find the perfect skinny jeans for short women?
When your legs are on the short side, it’s a dream come true to find skinny jeans that don’t overlap at the ankles or jeans that don’t need to be hemmed. In fact, you may feel like the magic has ruled that day because it’s a miracle you found a pair, however, I’m going to show you how to be savvy about finding skinny jeans for short legs.
One of the best things about skinny jeans taking over the denim market is that they’ve evolved. I remember the old days when you couldn’t find an inseam shorter than 32″ on skinny jeans and the narrowest leg opening was only 12″ (which is hardly skinny), which was a nightmare for short-legged people like me, but as times have changed, the cut of skinny jeans has evolved, which is definitely beneficial for us shorter women! So, here are some of my tips on finding the perfect length of skinny jeans straight from the rack!
Shop Your Jeans Cuts Wisely
When I say shop your tailoring wisely, I’m talking about using the tailoring to your advantage! I personally wouldn’t buy a pair of 12″ skinny jeans right now, not only because I don’t think they’re tight enough for me, but because I know they usually have longer legs and create a lot of bunching around my ankles. So, what do I do? I bought a pair of ankle skinny jeans that are cropped and hit above your ankles, however for people with short legs these actually work as full-length skinny jeans! This pair of jeans is a great choice. 
Choosing ankle skinny jeans or ankle studded jeans is a very smart choice as they don’t need piping, there’s no stacking at the ankles and the jeans fit perfectly from the off! But one of the best things is the number of options now available, every denim brand has a pair of ankle cut leggings in their collection, which means we’ve got a run for our money! The inseams on ankle skinny jeans usually run at around 27 to 29 inches long, which is much better than the usual 32 or 34-inch legs!
If this length is still too long for some of the more petite ladies, I recommend trying actual cut-off jeans. Many cropped jeans tend to be around 25/26 inches in length, so this may be ideal for you. They are a bit limited, however, as they are only available in the spring and summer months, but it doesn’t hurt to stock up on them for winter! Here are some great options for ankle skinny jeans.
The Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop is my absolute favorite! They’re what I’m wearing in the main image of this post and they combine the perfect high waist, skinny legs, and shorter leggings! Their famous Rocket cut just got the most amazing altered and cropped version, and I seriously need to stock up on these!
AG’s The Legging Ankle is another one of my favorites! Not only do they have the close back pocket location and the truest, most vintage wash that AG is known for, but the inseam length is perfect. I love these shoes so much!
Paige Denim Verdugo Crops are also another great option. Paige has cropped her classic Verdugo Ultra Stretch Tights, which are perfect for those of us with shorter legs. Not only do they come in different washes and fabrications, but they also have a snug fit. There are also cropped high-rise cuts like The Hoxton!
So these are some great options for wholesale jeans to become full-length skinny jeans for petite women but don’t forget there are other brands that do a range of petite jeans in their collections. Paige Denim has a petite section, so many other brands do too (like GRLFRND), but I often find that these ranges are limited and there aren’t a huge number of options! , so tailoring your jeans is the best way to go! Happy shopping! You might also want to check out my guide to boyfriend jeans. Thanks for reading the denim blog and don’t forget to subscribe and follow along on social media.