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Interesting Facts about Guitars

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Every culture in the world has some form of guitar, but most of us are guilty of knowing very little about its origins. The guitar can be traced back as much as 4000 years. The oldest known iconographic representation of an instrument displaying the essential features of a guitar is… Read more »

How to look and sound like a leader

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If you asked 100 people to compile a list of great leaders throughout history, who do you think would be the most common choices? George Washington? Margaret Thatcher? Julius Caesar? Genghis Khan perhaps? About Thatcher we know the most. We have video and audio footage of her. We know that… Read more »

Dinner Party Disaster!

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I am a cook, I love to cook and will admit, I am actually a bit of a show off. I am always looking for an excuse to cook. Friends, family, adults, kids, literally no one is safe from being invited around to my house to eat. I invited 10… Read more »