How to Customize Your Promotional Lunch Bag

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Lunch is everyone’s favorite subject at school. You’ll sit down, head into a PB&J sandwich, and show off your sweet lunch bag or lunchbox at the cafeteria table. That’s how it works. Now, as a mature adult, the cool factor of having a great lunch bag hasn’t really gone away. So let’s use some handy customization tips to make sure your resume stands out.
People have to eat, which is why custom lunch bags are such amazing gifts or giveaways. This is extremely true if you’re part of any of the following: 
Elementary schools can sell branded lunch bags at book fairs and fund-raisers, while colleges can put them in bookstores. Extra credit for using school colors!
Run a promotion and offer a custom lunch bag as a free giveaway. For example, the first 100 customers to spend $50 or more at your store get the lunch bag as a gift with purchase.
Give your visitors a place to store all their fresh produce. An insulated lunch tote is easy to carry around and just as practical and useful as the typical tote bags you see at farmer’s markets.
Your clients want a way to stay on track with their nutrition goals. A lunch bag as a sign-up gift gives them a way to bring a healthy lunch to work every day rather than ordering takeout.
Are you going to a food-themed trade show? Bring along custom lunch Promotional bags as little gifts for potential clients. You’re sure to stand apart from the competition!
Add your company logo to a bunch of stylish lunch bags and give them out to all your employees. Now they have a way to bring home extra fruit and sandwiches!
Do you need to raise money for your cause? Sell personalized lunch totes at your event. You can find something stylish, charge a cheap price, and get all kinds of funds coming in for your organization!
It’s time to make a shopping list! A custom lunch bag is more thoughtful than another boring gift card. Any event or industry can benefit from a custom lunch bag. People are happy to receive something they can use over and over again, and if it looks good, it’s the cherry on top.