3 Tips for Wearing Distressed Jeans Differently This Summer

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Jeans are certainly comfortable, but unless you want to leave a sweat stains or a look sluggish, you need to update your closet for any summer occasion. Just like you don’t wear boardshorts in winter, you should swap your cool season jeans for distressed light blue jeans this summer.
Here are 3 tips to help you select jeans and look stylish for any summer occasion.
Go Lighter Distressed Jeans
Wearing skinny blue jeans in the summer sounds like an ordeal, and at the end of a hot day you may have to take them off. However, if you switch to a lighter fabric, you can save a lot of sweat. Most denim jeans are about 14 ounces in fabric weight, which is good for fall and winter, but not for summer. In some lightweight distressed denim, you will feel breezy and look leaner
Opt for Distressed
Not only are distressed jeans the key to a summery look, they also have a effortless cool feel; It is also more practical. Distressed denim are breathable in the form of patches, holes and tears that will make you feel comfortable and trendy when the temperature rises beyond control. What could be better than feeling comfortable and looking stylish at the same time?
While chinos and other more formal pants have been in fashion for the past few seasons, the 1980s and ’90s are making a comeback in the summer. Pair your jeans with some other 80/90s-inspired tops and shoes for a complete outfit will feel as cool as it looks.
Go Brighter
Light blue jeans are perfect for summer as they absorb fewer calories and work perfectly with a cool cotton tee in summery white or pink. Bright colors are part of summer fashion for a reason, so in winter, when warmth is precious, you would be expected to wear lots of charcoal or black. This summer, swap your formal, dark jeans for light blue or white ones.
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