The Ultimate Reference Guide of Rolex Datejust

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When we talk about watchmaking icons, it would be impossible to convincingly exhaust everything without mentioning the Rolex Datejust 36. Not only was it a pioneer when it was launched in 1945, but it has always been a benchmark of elegant simplicity. In terms of versatility, few watches can match the ever-appropriate Rolex Datejust.
When it was first introduced, the Rolex Datejust was the first automatic watch to display a jumping date complication through a dial window. Today, it seems hard to believe that something we often take for granted could be revolutionary, but it is. The classic 36 mm Rolex Datejust set the standard for date display functions on watches.
The first Rolex Datejust replica watches were produced without the equally famous Cyclops magnifying glass on the date display. Legend has it that the wife of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf complained about not being able to read the date, which was the inspiration for the invention and the addition of the x2.5 lens. It was added around 1954 and has been an integral part of the watch’s DNA ever since.
Even if you’re not familiar with the Rolex brand, you may have found yourself admiring a Datejust on someone’s wrist at some point. Over the years, the Datejust collection has steadily grown and is now one of the brand’s most diverse collections. Different metal combinations, bezel and bracelet styles, and numerous dial options make for a myriad of configurations to choose from.
Datejust was originally launched in pure gold. However, over the decades, there have been multiple metal options, including all steel and two-tone – also known as Rolesor. While stainless steel and yellow gold are popular choices, other two-tone options have been introduced over the years, including steel and white gold and steel and rose gold.
For decades, the Yellow Rolesor collection has been one of the brand’s most successful choices because of its versatility and timeless style. If you want a gold Rolex that doesn’t have the top price tag of an all-gold watch, then the Yellow Rolesor Datejust is the perfect choice for you.
This ref. 116233 replaces the long-running ref. 16233. Among its many upgrades are engraved Rehaut, polished and slightly thickened lugs, and a new style of bracelet featuring solid links. Overall, this set of features provides the wearer with a substantial and visually impressive presence without being overly flashy.