Exercising at Home – How to Workout at Home Without any gym Equipment

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You do not need to sign up for a gym membership to get in shape. Even if you just stay at home, there are various activities you can do to burn calories and help you shed those unwanted pounds off.

There are people who do not want to join a gym or health club, as they find it too expensive, inconvenient, and crowded. This is perfectly all right, as there are various options available where they can workout, including at their own home, which is a perfect choice for people who prefer to exercise in peace and who value their privacy.

Here are a few ideas what you can do at home to keep you active and get fit.

Get off the couch.
Spending all of your time at home sitting on the couch, binge watching some Netflix series, and munching on leftover pizza will not do your body any good. These activities, if done constantly for a long time, can lead to several health problems. Therefore, you have to seriously consider changing this sedentary lifestyle to not put yourself at risk of diseases. Do not dedicate your entire weekends or days off to inactivity. Do some light exercises to start with — stretching, promotional walking, squats, and jumping jacks — even for just 15 to 20 minutes a day. If you keep doing these, you will eventually be able to integrate them into your habits and see good results.

Use the stairs.
If you live in a house with stairs, make the most out of them by using them as often as you can. Do not ask your partner or kids to fetch your stuff upstairs for you. Stand up and do it yourself. Climbing up and down the stairs is one good cardio exercise that can benefit your heart, lungs, and legs. For starters, you can do 10 roundtrips per day. After a week or so, increase that number to really get your heart pumping.

Clean the house every day.
Doing household chores is a great cardio workout that also works the different muscle groups of your body. When you are washing clothes or dishes, your arms and back get some burn. When you are vacuuming the floor or sweeping it after letting a robot vacuum recommended by Vacuum Fox run all over the house, you are doing your whole body a favor, as if you are on a serious full-body workout session in a gym. Even picking up your kids’ toys that are scattered in the playroom or moving furniture around can get your heart rate pumping. So, try to engage in as many of these types of chores as you can.

Do gardening work.
Pulling weeds off from your vegetable garden, raking leaves, and preparing new beds in the front yard for your flowering plants are all activities that help work your muscles and increase your heart rate and metabolism.