Elegant Bride Summer Dresses Trends of 2020

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There are more bridal summer dresses trends everywhere this year. Just recently, we discussed some of our favorite new fashions at Beautiful Brides. As we approach the middle of the year, we can’t help but talk more about what’s happening in wedding fashion. As a continuation, let’s take a look at additional wedding trends, everyone is gaga.
Bridal Fashion Week 2019 featured many bridal outfits that come with arm warmers. These sleeves are either attached to the garment or completely independent. Either way, they surely give the popular off-shoulder style a nice revamp, especially with designers going for various new and exciting styles. The arm warmers can either contribute a playful element to the overall look, or complement the dress to create an elegant ensemble. Now the question is, should you go for the short sleeves or the long ones?
You’ve all seen this year’s Royal Wedding right? Then you’ll know why high-neck wedding gowns are now “in”. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is fast becoming a fashion icon, thanks to her two fabulous wedding dresses. In particular, her second dress has been inspiring wedding designers to create their own take on the modern high-neck and low-back design. Besides, designer Stella McCartney has revealed that fans can now buy replicas of the gown. Though absent of any embellishments, the Duchess’ reception dress is still fashionable and elegant. That’s why it’s no surprise that the trend caught on quickly in the wedding industry.
You probably have never thought of pairing your wedding dress with a jacket or blazer. But now that it’s becoming trendy, you would surely think it’s a great idea. Jackets, especially those of the leather variety, will definitely give you an “edgy” look. And who said being “edgy” is bad on your big day? If the look is too much for you, go for it! But you can also choose a denim jacket or a white blazer. For more inspiration, check out some of the customized jacket ideas put together by the Huffington post.
Simpler designs may be taking the spotlight because of Meghan Markle, but people still love the idea of their summer dresses glistening in the sunlight. Glittery embellishments are still on trend, but the design could look disastrous if the sparkly accents are overdone. Many might feel scared to try them out since they can be really flashy but if done right, the sparkles can definitely help you pull off a classy and elegant appearance. When considering a design, just remember to not to let the glitters overpower the whole cheap sundresses. They should just be decorated after all. Glitters look best in dim lights, Pretty Me points out, because they’re obviously brighter. This way, it doesn’t look too much! So if you’re planning an evening wedding, why not turn yourself into a night diamond?