Amazing and Popular Green Submariner of Rolex Watch

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Many people can’t tell the difference between a real Rolex green Submarine 116610LV and a rolex replica. This is because many high-quality fake ceramic Rolex submarine sailors are produced, making it harder to tell the real thing from the fake. Here are some ways to help you find out the truth.
The serial numbers of genuine Rolex watches are engraved deeply into the metal. However, fake Rolex watches often have it just etched. Also, the serial numbers can be found between the lugs, where the band is connected to the case. This can be seen at the 6 o’clock side.
At the 12 o’clock side, the model number can be found, which is typically denoted by a text that states “Orig Rolex Design” and followed by the number below it. In this way, you have to remove the band if you want to view the number. A pushpin or tiny paper clip is required to remove the pin that holds the band in place.
The movements of the Rolex watch are mechanical and self-winding, in contrast to quartz or battery-powered models. Moreover, there is an engraving of the brand into them, but the placement will differ depending on the piece.
You should know that the printed text you can see on any real Rolex watch has a delicate appearance. This means that you can never see any blur, splotch, or unevenness. So you can clearly see any inconsistent spacing in front or any ink bleeding due to cheaper printing methods.
The caseback of most replica Rolex watches are plain with no engravings, drawings, stickers or decorations. Some rare models like the Sea-Dweller may have the text “Gas Escape Valve” being written on its titanium back.
If you see a see-throught caseback of your Rolex Green Dial Submariner allowing you to view the inner workings of the watch, then you are looking at a fake. Actually, some very rare pieces of the Rolex from the 1930s could be an exception but not the Submariner.
If you can see the bracelet or watch strap, it should lie flat on a flat surface. Note that even though the link spacing may lengthen or widen over time, it should not kink because the links should still be properly joined together.
As you can see from the picture attached to this review, the borders of the watch have chromatic aberration. The green Rolex Submarine dial looks spot, but the bezel color is a different shade of green.

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